Amazing Facts You Should Know About Medieval Period

Human life is divided into three stages such as childhood , youth and adult life.In this way history is also divided into three periods i.e.the ancient the medieval and the modern .

the medieval period or the middle period is considered from eighth century to eighteenth century approximately . The medieval period was known as a link between the ancient and the modern period.

The changes which took place during the medieval period had affected to some extent such as religious beliefs, somr of the languages administration . Therefore in india the ancient period is lasted till about

the eight century AD.

Medieval india or medieval period subcontinent between ancient india and modern india. The main medieval period in indian history .dated frome 1200 to 1750 AD. Mehrangarh fort 1459 AD, example of medieval architecture.

Indian Subcontinent Medieval Period

India was called by different names in ancient times aryavarta Indian Subcontinent(land of noble) is called as ayan had settled in the north-west Ganga Yamuna doab region. Later when the had settled in punjab region , they called the land sapta sindhu .They were indus and its six tributarries when aryans settled at Ganga Valley the land was known as bharat. The regions covered under this were modern Pakistan ,Nepal,Bangladesh and Afghanistan .

Sourse Of Studying History Of Indian Medieval Period

There are several reliable and authentic sources for studying history of the medieval period these include archaeological and literary sources

Archaeological sources : These include monuments coins,inscriptions or any material evidence excavated by Archaelogists or other scientists .Buildings and other monuments like forts and religious structures constructed by the rulers are the most importent archaeological sources of medieval is well known that every ruler of kingdom had its own coins

Baked bricks , stones and other hard materials were used to constuct buildings in the medieval period .

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