The Mughal Empire

In the beginning of sixteenth century which was suitable for babar,s entry to india. PoliticallyThe Mughal Empire north-west was the separate kingdom that were fighting with each other to extend their ruling territories ., daulat khan was an ambitious governor of punjb under the control of ibrahim lodhi who was the sultan of punjab . Daulat khan wanted to become independent disposing of ibrahim lodhi. To get this opportunity he invited the king of Kabul which was known as babar in the history to invade india . It is known that the Rajput ruler of mewar , Rana sanga wanted to end Lodhi rule therefore he extented his help to babar.After that Babar had also ambition to conquer india was previously he had heard about the immense wealth of india.

Mughal Military Campaigns Mughal Empire

Babar Zahir-ud-din Mohammad babar was an ambitious ruler.At the age of 12 year , he had succeeded to the throne of ferghana in 1494 another Mangole group the uzbegs attacked on ferghana andhe was forced to leave his ancestral throne.Mughal Military Campaigns Bbar captured Kabul in 1504 after years of wandering .Babar was attracte by the waelth of india . Daulat Khan asked babar to help t get rid of ibrahim lodhi

He readly helped him . he was also helped by Rana Sanga a Rajput prince of mewr,he defeated the sultan of delhi , ibrahim Lodhi at Panipat in 1526 and captured Delhi and Agra .It is known as the first Battle of Panipat in the history of india this resulted in Rana sanga of mewar and many Afghans nobles turning against him. Even though they invited him to india but they did not want him to stay there .After one year Babar fought Rna sanga and defeated him in the battle of Khanwa later the conquered Gwalior,dholpur and others places .He became the ruler of punjab,Delhi the Gnga plains and Bengal unfortunately , soon after in 1530, he died and he was burried in a beutiful garden in Kabul.

The Mughal Empire Humayun

After the death of Babar in 1530 Humayun succeeded him and inherited a large empire Humayun divided his inheritance according to the will of his father.He appointed all his brother as governors in various parts of his kingdom .He handed over Afghanistan to his brother Kamran Mughal Empire Humayun .Unfortunately no one of his brother co-oprerated with him .Kamran was the to turn traitor he defeated the Afghan sultan Mahmud Lodhi in 1532 AD.After that he captured the fort of chumar which was controlled by the sher khan.Sher khan consolidated his position and defeated Humayun at chausa in 1539 and kannauj in 1540 .After that Humayun fled to iran and sher khan became the ruler of india .In iran Humayun received help from safavid shah.He recaptured Delhi in 1555,but died in the next year after an accident in his building.

Third Mughal EmprorAkbar

Akbar came to the throne in 1556 AD at the age of thirteen .His coronation was held at kalanaur (Haryana). His reign can be divided ino three periods .

1556-1557: the second battle of panipat (1556)Akbar defeated the hindu general Hemu at panipat . Akbar became independent from the regent Bairam khan in 1557 ,Akbar defeated Uday singh of Mewar and captured the fort of chittor Uday singh ‘s son Rana partap singh refused to acknowladge defeat.

In 1576 in the battle of haldighati Rana partap was defeated Military campaigns were launched against the suris and other afgans .

Akbar Policies Abul fazal has given broad features of administration of Akbar in his book Akbar nama. According to abul fazal the empire was divided into provinces called subas ,governed by a subedar.He carried out political and military functions . The sarkars were divided into parganas which had number of villages .Each province also had a financial officer or diwan .The other officers were the military paymaster the minister in charge of religious and charitable patronage military commanders and the town police commander the police stations were called kotwalis

Akbar Nama And Ain-e-Akbari

Akbar was not an educated man but he was familiar with some fine work of literature . He ordered his close friend and courtiers , Abul fazal to write a history of his reign .Abul fazal wrote Akbar nama it had three volumes . The first volume dealt with Akbar’s ancestors and the second volume recorded the events of Akbar’s reign.The third volume is Ain-e-akbari. It deals with Akbars administration,household,army, the revenues and the geography of his empire.

Jahangir (1605-1627)

Jahangir ascended the throne in 1605 he continued military campaign which Akbar had started .Amar singh the sisodiya ruler of mewar accepted Mughal service. He also led campaigns against the sikhs , Ahoms and ahmadnagar jahangir’s wife Nur jahan tried to make her son in-law-shahryar heir to the throne .Prince khuram’s rebelled in the last year of jahangir’s reign jahangir died in 1627 AD.

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